Dr. Hjalmar Granberg Innventia

Dr. Hjalmar Granberg


Hjalmar Granberg has a PhD in Physics and works as a senior research associate within the New Materials and Functions group at the Swedish research institute Innventia AB. His work focuses on research and innovation of new biobased materials from the forest. Recent work includes production of textile-like materials on the paper machine, biobased memory materials for shape-shifting packaging applications and the integration of electronics with cellulose. In his work Hjalmar Granberg often explores the potential of new materials in close collaboration with designers, hence connecting user needs and technology perspectives at an early stage.



A.S.A.P. (Paper Cloth)

Prof. Kay Politowicz and Dr. Kate Goldsworthy in collaboration with Dr. Hjalmar Granberg, Sandy MacLennan and David Telfer