Kirsti Reitan Andersen  Copenhagen Business School

Kirsti Reitan Andersen

PhD Researcher, Copenhagen Business School

Kirsti Reitan Andersen studied her BA at the English department, the University of Århus, and graduated with a Master degree in 2006 from the European Studies department. During her studies, Kirsti specialised in cultural theory and analysis. Her final thesis explores the field of fashion design focusing on haute couture and the construction of fashion through magazines, designers, and fashion shows.

After graduation Kirsti was employed as a research assistant at the Danish Design School in connection with the school’s report on the relationship between artistic practice and research. Following this she worked as a Research and Project Manager at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) for 5 years, where she amongst other things worked with innovation processes, people centered design, rapid prototyping, and fundraising, both taking part in consultancy and in research projects. In the spring 2012 Kirsti embarked upon her PhD project at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). In her research she explores the ways in which design strategies can support systemic change towards sustainability in the fashion industry. Working closely with the Textiles Environment Design group (TED), she focuses upon the continuous development of TED's TEN and the team's relationships with clients, as part of this process.

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THE TEN in China

THE TEN in China

14 January 2014