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The TEN animations are now live

Prof. Rebecca Earley
Principal Investigator, Textiles Environment Design, University of the Arts London

15 October 2014

TED's The TEN were co-developed by Professors Becky Earley and Kay Politowicz, and the team at TED between 2006 - 2010. They are sustainable strategies which aim to help designers reduce the environmental impact of textile design, production, use and disposal. They are not a check-list, but rather they are a framework for creative thinking and action. As ideas emerge, The TEN can be used to develop layers of strategic innovation - a chance to redesign and improve, or simply to communicate concepts and products more clearly.

Prof. Rebecca Earley

Posted on 15 October 2014 by Prof. Rebecca Earley in:

The TEN emerged from a practice-based and collaborative approach over many years; and are perhaps best used when supporting teams in the design thinking process behind the creation of new prototypes which test potential solutions for a more sustainable industry. Recent action research projects have begun to evolve The TEN from prompts for small to medium size design companies into scalable concepts for design teams to adopt in large corporations in the UK, USA (VF Corporation) and Sweden (at H&M). This development enables the TED research team to constantly evolve and adapt The TEN - tailoring them to suit speeds, needs, contexts and circumstances. 

In order to enable this action research in a more effective and timely manner - as is the wont in industry - the TEN have been made into a series of short animated films, to help participants grasp the essential considerations for textile and fashion designers to embrace in their day-to-day practice. The TED team have been writing scripts over the last year, Ana Diaz from SokFok Studio was the animator, and the project was funded by CLTAD, TFRC and Chelsea research. See our The TEN page to watch the animations and read more about each strategy.