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TFRC’s Material Futures publication wins Design Week’s Best Editorial Design Award 2013

Prof. Rebecca Earley
Principal Investigator, Textiles Environment Design, University of the Arts London

14 January 2014

In November 2012 the Textile Future Research Centre (TFRC) launched its first publication Material Futures with Creative Consultancy FranklinTill.

Prof. Rebecca Earley

Posted on 14 January 2014 by Prof. Rebecca Earley in:

The new TFRC website and the publication show the breadth of research at TFRC with its three platforms: Sustainable Strategy led by TFRC Director Professor Becky Earley; Science and Technology led by Deputy Director and Reader Carole Collet; and Dr Jenny Tillotson leading the Wellbeing and Social Innovation platform.

The publication includes research by all 23 members and PhD students and showcases 15 UAL graduates from 2012. The content has been edited, compiled and designed by FranklinTill, with the TFRC Directors Becky Earley as commissioning editors.

TED researchers were featured in the publication with the latest achievements from Project 3 within the MISTRA Future Fashion research program, including the TED’s 24 Summer Workshop in 2012.

The publication has been very successful in terms of global sales and stockists, and won the best Editorial Design at the recent Design Week 2013 Awards.

This is what the judges said: ‘Just a beautifully crafted piece of work. Pacey, involving – not an immediate attention-grabber but once you look closer you realise the piece is intelligently considered.’

Copies of the publication can be bought from the TFRC shop and from Amazon. The new TFRC website also offers the opportunity to purchase the TED’s TEN cards as a tool for companies and individuals to apply sustainable design thinking.